The Jammy Cow

The Jammy Cow is a small family business selling home made artisan jams, chutneys and preserves through Shropshire Farmer’s Markets, selected farm shops and small independent retail outlets.

Our jam, jelly and chutney is made in small batches in open pans. Using home-grown, local and seasonal produce with no artificial preservatives, thickeners or colours we create that home-made, high quality, high value taste .

We believe nothing tastes as good as home-made! Commercially produced jam tends to taste of flavoured sugar and, while this isn’t necessarily bad if you like that, we believe there’s nothing quite like the taste of the fruit!

If it’s not grown or foraged by us we buy from our local farm shop who stock locally grown fruit & veg. Where possible we buy British and, when that isn’t possible, we endeavour to buy ethically.

Much of our fruit is foraged from our glorious countryside & therefore, may not always be available all year round. Sorry!

Most of our jams are Extra Jam, that is, made with a minimum fruit content of 45%.

We try to use less sugar in our jams and jellies, allowing the flavour of the fruit to speak for itself. Consequently our jam has a slightly looser set than that found on your supermarket shelf.

If you want a firmer set, pop it into the fridge for a while…it’ll still be a revolution on your tongue!

Jam, jelly, preserves & chutney made with attitude in Shropshire!

Contact details

The Jammy Cow
See us at Newport Farmers Market
every 3rd Thursday of the month
TF10 7AT
United Kingdom

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